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       "In a healing massage session I combine elements from a wide range of modalities to produce the desired effect.  My business is named "Inventing Healing" and this reflects my style.  Creatively integrating bodywork is my most natural form of ingenuity.  Whether simple or complex, gentle or vigorous, my bodywork will always be custom designed for you, to provide the most satisfactory results."       - Nate Peyman

Deep Tissue Massage - Deep.  That may evoke fear for some from having had painful massage experiences.  However, with good sensitivity, strong, steady pressure can respect the musculature's limits and unwind the tension optimally.  Massage Therapy for opening tense, tight muscles into a more relaxed state with specific pressure and general attention to balancing the body.

Trigger Point Therapy/ Neuromuscular Therapy(NMT) - Strong and focused pressure on "knotted" muscles and constricted areas known as trigger points, relieving chronic pain and tension, and helping to reset neural pathways to improve alignment and body orientation.  This method involves client reporting the level of pressure/pain to the therapist to maximize results!

Sports Massage - Techniques to provide renewed circulation to muscular micro-tears, release excessive tension and muscle spasms, and stretch shortened muscle groups improving strength and performance. 

Swedish Massage - Firm or gentle rubbing, kneading, and body percussion to improve circulation, and relieve stress and tension for a whole body relaxation experience.  

MyoFascial Release (MFR)/ Structural Integration - Fascia is the web of connective tissue found in every part of the body from the skin to the bones and even inside the brain.  Myofascial Release uses the element of softness to slowly connect, realign and balance connective tissue, releasing tension on a very deep level anywhere in the body.  Also this is truly a link to the body's energetic messaging system.

*Reiki Healing -  Reiki (Usui/Karuna/Essential) is a form of energy medicine in which the practitioner spiritually channels healing light into their being, then opens channels for Reiki to heal the recipient.  This energy can be sent through areas of the body to revitalize and rebalance energy, release emotional holding patterns, cleanse, and restore health.  Reiki has helped my clients overcome many problems effectively:  pain, anxiety, addiction, insomnia, depression, and greatly improved numerous health conditions including: allergies, bronchitis, bruises, cuts, digestive ailments, headaches, and infections.  Energy is all around us, and everywhere within us too.  The peaceful, lovely light of Reiki energy is a medicine for the mind, body and spirit.

Nate has practiced Reiki since 1997, and offers Reiki Training in Vermont and Massachusetts.

(New) Reiki Massage Workshops  (Dates TBA)

Summer Blessings Vermont Sistren and Brethren!  Welcome to this new workshop!

The general premise is to work with each other to deepen our practices of slowing down, presence, sensitivity, centering, patience, flow, and sublime movement.  To awaken our individual potentials as healers; no particular level of experience or training in massage or Reiki is required.

I am proposing a four-part series Wednesdays
at the Moonlight Studios in Hyde Park.
The cost would be $75 per session, $300 for all 4 sessions.  Please ask me about sliding scale, or payment options.

Dates:  TBA
Times and an outline of workshop plans will be forthcoming.  Attendance at all four is not required, but pre-registration is required. 

My goal is to enable participants to finish this series with:
Having received transformative healing bodywork
Reiki Level I Training & Attunement
Increased ease and effectiveness in massage work
And improved self-awareness, centering, peace and grounding in one's connections with others.

Going Deeper
My own practice of transformative bodywork is beginning to crystallize.  I want to include one-on-one healing sessions by me as part of each participant's experience.  This may inform each person's sense of the art of healing massage.  It may help also in growing self-awareness of physical and spiritual edges for change.  Private healing work may be scheduled with me independently during the course of these workshops.  Massage techniques and energy medicine practices and concepts will be shared and investigated by workshoppers!

1st Workshop - TBA
Tuning In - Blessing the space and our time. Intros.
Meditations and movement with healing light, centering and grounding oneself.
Discussing Reiki and energy medicine. How does Reiki work?
Chakras (energy centers) in our physical form, movement, and emotions.
Connecting energy work to our physical work - specifically massage therapy.
Exploring integrated Reiki Massage principles and techniques one-on-one.
Closing discussion.  Blessing.

2nd Workshop - TBA
Reconnecting - Blessing the space and our time.
Slowing down and sensitivity training and Myofascial Release concepts*.
One-on-one Reiki Massage work.

*One important concept I wish to investigate together is gentle 'MyoFascial Release' (MFR).  In short, softening of force applied to a tense area with a subtle offering of movement to unwind tension; releasing the myo-fascial (muscle's connective tissue) constriction.  During this gentle MFR, Reiki generally flows automatically for me.  The energy is right for Reiki to flow.  This form of bodywork can be integrated into Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, often seamlessly.

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