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If you are interested in studying and attuning to practice Reiki healing,  or offering professional space for me to conduct classes please see below, and contact me.  I am working on scheduling new classes in northern VT and eastern Mass.

    I invite you to join these Reiki Trainings.  Space is limited.  I
firmly recommend taking Level I Reiki Training to anyone interested.

*Reiki I Training & Attunement  with Nate Peyman, Reiki Master

*At The Spa at Spruce Peak (formerly Spa at The Stowe Mountain Lodge)*
7412 Mountain Rd., Stowe, VT  05672
*Mondays, May 7th & May 14th,  9am to 2pm*

* Cost is $100.  $85 for staff of Spa at Spruce Peak*

*Reiki II Training & Attunement  with Nate Peyman, Reiki Master

*At The Spa at Spruce Peak (formerly Spa at The Stowe Mountain Lodge)*

*Tuesdays, June 4th & 11th,  9am to 4pm*
* Cost is $125.  $100 for staff of Spa at Spruce Peak*

Level II Training begins the day after the Level I Attunement.  This may
present benefits for people who are eager to learn both Reiki I and II, to
be able to carry forward to energy fresh out of the attunement process.  It
is internal work to integrate the energy and concepts of healing light into
your system.  This arrangement may not suit everyone though, and starting
with Level I only may be the best choice for some.  If you have received
your first attunement already, it would be my pleasure to discuss with you
in detail what trainings are involved in my Level I Training to help you be
comfortable beginning with me at Level II Training.

*Day One (May 7)*
Opening the Space, Connecting to Spirit Meditation
Sharing Reiki Concepts, Chakra System
Reiki Breathing
Healing Demonstrations
History of Reiki
Clearing the Room Energywork
Reiki Power Symbol
Grounding Meditation
Practice on Selves
Grounding and Shielding with Reiki
Practice on Others
Closing the Space, Blessings on the Journey

*Reiki I Training, Day Two (May 14)*
Check in
Healing Meditation
Reflections on Healing, Boundaries, Grounding
Chakra System Observations
Self-Healing Forms, Exercises
Clearing and Blessing Auras
Receiving Attunements
Closing Circle Meditation, Setting Intentions

*Day One (June 4)*

Introduce ourselves

Open with meditation

Review the chakra system

Practice basic healing techniques

Meet Reiki Guides/ Personal Spirit Guides meditation


Study Reiki symbols

Practice beaming healing light

Learn and use metaphysical tools for healing, grounding, and more

Closing meditation

*Reiki II Training Day 2 (June 11)*

Check in

Open with meditation

Study and practice Long-Distance Healing

[Reiki can be sent through space and time]

Explore deepening our healing channels


Do partner or group healing so all receive

Centering meditation

Receive Attunements

Closing Circle - Blessings for your Spirit

A Reiki Attunement is a specific process of transmitting the power to
channel Reiki from Spirit to Teacher to Recipient.   The recipient of an
attunement is sitting and the teacher opens a strong channel of Reiki Light
through themself and draws certain Reiki symbols on the crown, other
chakras, and hands of the recipients.  It is a powerful healing experience.

I am grateful for this opportunity to share my experience and pass on the
power of Reiki to new healers and renewed healers.
Please Register for the class(es) with me (Nate Peyman) directly by email, text, by phone or in
[email protected]   (802) 399-9629

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