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Quotes Nate is a world class massage therapist. He is incredibly intuitive, caring, strong, and knowledgeable. He always seems to know exactly how deep to massage a sore muscle - a rare gift. I have been seeing him for a number of years and always feel completely rejuvenated afterwards. I recently had whiplash from a car accident and saw Nate about 2.5 weeks after the accident. I was very sore and uncomfortable. After the massage with Nate I knew I felt different and in the following morning I felt nearly back to normal. It was the first morning since the accident that I had not had to reach for ibuprofen first thing. He is an amazing healer. Thanks for all of the healing Nate!! Quotes
Massage client

Quotes Nate is one of the most intuitive and talented reiki healers and bodyworkers I've ever encountered. I received a massage for a nagging injury and my condition improved tremendously. I highly recommend reiki and massage from Nate to my friends and family. Quotes
healing massage client

Quotes I have been seeing Nate for almost four years. He is consistently punctual, friendly, and professional. Nate is by far the absolute best deep tissue massage therapist I have seen, period. Quotes
Michael P. Marsille, Esq.
Massage Therapy client

Quotes I've had Nate attune me (in Reiki I and II) and also do Reiki work on me. I find it really easy to drop in to trance with / near him. He has very easy access to that state, and it's easy to go there with him. Every time he works on me I feel more peaceful and stronger. Like, much stronger. I'm very grateful for the things he has moved in me. Quotes
Tanya Bezreh
Reiki Student/ Client

Quotes Nate Peyman is one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the honor to meet. His reiki healing work is excellent, and of a very high caliber. He was the one to teach me reiki, and it is a skill that I now cherish and use frequently. He gives an excellent, and painfully relaxing massage. I take great pleasure from know I have at least one pure soul in my life. He is one of my role models as to who I am striving to become. He is a great master in all he does. Thank you Nate for being my reiki master, it is a true glory to have trained under you. Quotes
Tyler Bigonet
Reiki Student/ Client

Quotes Nate Peyman has two of the most excellent theraputic hands I have ever experienced. His warm and comforting energy, brisk and encouraging self-care exercises, and integrated mind/body/spirit healing advice keep me returning whenever a new issue or injury may occur. I find my recovery time after injury while gardening or out in the field is now *half* what it had been before working with Nate. And farmers almost always have aching backs... he does lovely massage work! I'm very greatful to have met Nate, and I most highly recommend him! Quotes
Amatul Hannan
Organic Farmer

Quotes Dear Nate, Your peaceful presence is not only calming, assuring but very spiritual. Your presence sets the environment for the relaxing and powerful body work. Even non-believers like Aldo have to admit that he felt energized and relaxed. Keep up the good work! Quotes
Anna Salamone
(Reiki client)

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