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Posted by Nate Peyman on July 19, 2017 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I was born March 1st, 1975 in Montreal, Quebec, where I lived until age 10.  In 1985, my parents, my younger siblings and I moved to New Haven, CT where I went to an arts magnet middle school.  I did high school in Cheshire, CT.  College at UMass, Amherst.  I studied psychology for two plus years, but found it too constrained for the expansive ideas I had about the mind.  I dropped out in 1995 and did odd jobs for a few years.

In 1997, I discovered and dove into Reiki Healing.  I began a healing practice, which was profound for me, but I wasn't quite ready for business.  I moved to Boston right before the turn of the millenium to be with a new girlfriend.  In 2002, I registered for massage school at the Muscular Therapy Institute (MTI), Cambridge, MA, near where I lived.  It was the best decision of my life!  I loved massage school, and had a great time!  We got a top notch training program at MTI with excellent teachers, well-rounded subject matter including psychology and understanding therapeutic relationships, lots of modalities work, and a real understanding of the techniques we learned.  Beyond that, I felt confident in creating my own techniques fluidly.  This creativity and inventiveness became my signature; Inventing Healing became my business name before I graduated in 2004. 

Starting my own business, I hit the ground massaging in my own downtown Cambridge office space, and figured out the business as I went.  I developed a steady clientelle, a side job at the M.I.T. fitness center, and several regular chair massage gigs.  My business was thriving by 2008 but my partner, Ama and I felt the life in the city was not for us any more.  We decided to travel and find a rural place to settle that felt right.  So by September 1, 2008, we had sold or donated most of our stuff, bought a good old Subaru Outback, and joined WWOOF-USA (a network of farm-volunteer opportunities).  We traveled to see friends and family, farms and homesteads all over America for 6 months.  We really got a sense of the different cultures that exist in rural places, the bio-regions, and ecological niches.   We fell in love with farming/market gardening, and had a wonderful experience!  I did a full-season internship on a budding veggie farm in West Virginia in 2009, and Ama learned animal husbandry, cheese-making and wool craft in Maine.  When I finished in WV, I met up with Ama in Vermont, where she was staying with old family friends. 

When I arrived in Vermont in September 2009, it felt right!  Ama and I quickly found a little home-share for the winter in Bristol, VT.  Then moved to a shared living situation in Richmond, VT and started a market gardening operation at an existing homestead with horses, sheep and chickens.  We joined the Jericho Farmers Market that year and stuck with that market up to this year (2017)!  We have since relocated several times in search of our nesting place.  Currently in Morrisville, and networking with friends and neighbors for garden spaces.

I have a lovely new office space at 49 Brigham St., Morrisville, VT which I am sharing with Joni Martin (Hands of Her Heart Massage).  I am excited to grow my business here and meet new clients.  My office hours are primarily Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, plus other week day evenings.  Weekday mornings and afternoons can also work in some cases.  So always ask what is possible for me, I am flexible and so is my office mate.   Thanks for reading.  Have a splendid day!


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