Inventing Healing

Transformative Bodywork

Nate Peyman Professional Massage Therapist since 2004, Reiki Master/Teacher 


I offer a transformative therapeutic experience -- intuitively gauging how to deepen the unwinding of tension.  A deep tissue massage from me may utilize MyoFascial Release, Reiki, NeuroMuscular (Trigger Point) Therapy, Sports massage, Swedish, and Movement Therapy.  

What you get is a finely tailored massage session.  The results are remarkable.  You can feel relaxed, relieved, realigned structurally.  You become more aware of your body mechanics, and how to work on easing and balancing tension in your body.



I am now in Montpelier, VT and have a new home office where I can see you for massage and Reiki sessions by appointment.  Please call or text me at 802-399-9629, or email [email protected] to schedule time with me.

Thank you.

Rates for my home office: 

$70 for 1 hour

$85 for 75 minutes

$100 for 90 minutes

Plus $1/minute for additional time.

I also work at:

The Spa at Spruce Peak

Integrative Acucpuncture of Montpelier


Get a massage in the comfort of your home!  

I offer home visits with my massage table in Vermont, within an hour's drive of Montpelier, VT.  I ask that clients pay for my travel time, generally $10 to $30.  It is a gift to yourself to not need to drive anywhere after your massage -  to be able to totally relax, and enjoy the benefits of massage therapy at your own home.

** $10+ fee for various travel time

$70 for the first hour, plus a dollar a minute additional.

($10 off if you have your own massage table set up!)

EMERGENCY?!  Nate to the rescue!!  I have helped many people get back on their feet after acute injuries where muscles are in spasm, or torn, or joints are impacted.  I can usually provide vital support for pain relief, mobility, restoring energy flow, and proper function through deep tissue myofascial massage, Reiki, and sports medicine.

To Schedule a Transformative Bodywork Session text or call 802-399-9629


~ Reiki I Training & Attunement ~

If you are interested in studying and attuning to practice Reiki healing, please contact me.  I am working on scheduling new classes in northern VT and eastern Mass.


Awaken your healing arts potential integrating energy medicine and massage therapy.  In this series we will work with each other to deepen our practices of slowing down, presence, sensitivity, centering, patience, flow, and sublime movement.  No particular level of experience or training in massage or Reiki is required for participation.

Dates:  TBA

Cost:  $300.00, or $75 per 3-hour+ session.

Location:  TBA


FREE and Open to All

Share and Receive Healing with Reiki Healers of all levels.  Gather and send healing to loved ones.  Learn about Reiki.  Share the Love.

RSVP/register for Workshops/Classes and/or Questions to [email protected]

You can also reach Nate by phone or text at 802-399-9629.

I look forward to seeing you!

Many Thanks & Gratitude.

On this site are details about my methods of healing work in Massage & Reiki; Testimonials from current and former clients; Services & Rates; and of course Contact Nate with questions or to schedule a massage, Reiki healing, spiritual consultation, or energetic house cleaning session.

Nate Peyman

Inventing Healing

Transformative Bodywork

[email protected]

(802) 399-9629

49 Brigham St.

Morrisville, Vermont

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